Our Creations

Unpopular opinion: fresh food can’t be fast food. We know life moves in the fast lane and it can be hard to make time for real, good meals. At Fresh Food Matters, we’re all about convenience and we’ve got you covered!

To give you the best experience with us, our menu items change daily. We move through different flavour profiles & recipes, while maintaining the same fresh and delicious taste. Call in or check the ordering site for daily changes!

Hot Lunches

Fresh Food Matters is equipped with hot lunches daily, from 11-4pm. Let us brighten up your lunch break with a taste of home cooked goodness — choose from the changing menu of delicious eats to fuel you through your day!

Mid-Day Munches

Offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11-4pm, our Mid-Day Munch highlights our “pick of the day” and provides the perfect bite to satisfy and hold you through the afternoon.

Nourish Bowls

Nourish Bowls are a new addition to the Fresh Food Matters family, providing a range of hearty, delicious and filling eats! These bowls cover all the bases of a balanced meal with good sources of protein, veggies and healthy carbs in each bite. Choose from our range of fan-favourites.

Meals to Go

Not sure what to put together for dinner? On-the-go and looking for fresh, healthy solutions to come home to? This is where our Meals To Go come in! No experience needed, no energy required. Save yourself time and money by letting us do the work. Whether it be a party of one or feeding a crew, we have a wide selection of meals to make any dinner complete — leaving food waste and dishes out of the question!

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