Fresh Food Matters started as a small farmers’ market business. But in truth, the name Fresh Food Matters was in development long before the market was even an idea.

Growing up, my mom always made sure our meals were from scratch, filled with lots of fresh fruits & vegetables, and tasted delicious. Somewhere along the way in our hectic lives, we now choose convenience food out of pure necessity, not having the time or the necessary skills to make healthy meals from scratch. Through seeing the need to bring back simple healthy meals, Fresh Food Matters was born.

Fresh Food Matters Team

Our business is simple; make healthy fresh meals from scratch using products grown right in our back yard. Beyond our products, an equally important part of who we are is serving our community. With an incredibly diverse client range and arranged food preferences from gluten-friendly to vegetarian & vegan, we strive to have something for everyone. Our true passion is to make people happy through the one thing that connects everyone in the world…food.

Angela Bowles

Owner, Fresh Food Matters

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